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Photography is a way to capture and celebrate life. On this site, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs. I hope you like what you see. A wide range of subjects separated in various categories as listed on the taskbar at left.  Unfortunately I am out of space on this site, so therefore can't post anymore here now. Visit for another sampling of my photography.

 Life is precious and I see beauty everywhere and in just about everything. My camera helps me to capture some of these moments that surround me on my journey of life. It is full of constant change and I am a believer in recording images and sound for preservation and posterity’s sake. Also, as an artist I strive to capture life just as it is, looking for candid shots, natural lighting, special occasions, historic and/old structures and of course railroad transportation too. I believe a photographer’s work help define who he is, much like a musician’s music is a reflection of his inner self.  I have a great passion for photography and music and hope to grow and expand in both. It takes time and practice of course. Sometimes a photographer must shoot off 200 photos just to get one great one.

Most of the photos in this collection can be reproduced as enlargements for those wishing to purchase a particular view.

Buyers simply can email me their requests.





Questions or comments? You can send me e-mail at: